Business Meeting


We provide Management Support services including preparing your management accounts and financial reports, which are necessary in making business decisions and will be requested by your accountant, auditor or banker.  We also offer the service of attending your management meetings to present the accounts and give advice on financial matters arising.

We can assist in strategic planning and budget setting as well.


We are working and assisting clients to achieve their business goals and expanding their business. We provide efficient and flexible services tailored to individual business needs.  

We can save you your time and your money by carrying out all administration tasks, from simple email management, enquiry management, event administration support, re-organising electronic or paper filing systems and many more. 

Get in touch and let me know how can we help you.


We completely understand how stressful sometimes it can be to keep track of all transactions and most importantly getting paid. Sometimes when you are focusing on your business and deliver your service to find the time to invoice your customers isn’t easy.

We can efficiently assist you and produce, send out, record and provide the credit control services for you, as frequently as required.  We can help improve the cash flow of your business. We reconcile the bank transactions and produce creditor and debtor list reports. We can also proceed the payments or help you to prepare cheque payments.

If you are a VAT payer, we prepare and file your VAT.

We can also assist you with payrolls and PAYE, whether you are running payrolls weekly or monthly. 


The service can be tailored to your budget and your individual requirements. 


We can provide this incredibly powerful tool. The email marketing must have a spark of inspiration and be educational/ exciting for your readers, and most importantly, the marketing communication can be easily measured in order to develop the strategy which will dynamically generate more clients.

We are more than happy to assist you with the design and manage the CRM systems database for you.